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Stellaria pallida (Dumort.) Piré

Family - Caryophyllaceae

Common Name - Lesser Chickweed









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Similar in appearance to the much more common species Stellaria media, but smaller in size. The flowers are also different, as they either have no petals or the petals are minute.

Bare ground
Dunes & dune slacks
Stellaria pallida
Quentin Groom
Description of Genus

Annual or perennial herbs. The leaves are often hairless and untoothed. The sepals are not fuse. The petals, when present, are white. Each petal is deeply cut.

Habitat Notes

Found in a variety of situations, but always on light sandy soils. Dunes are an important habitat for this species, but it is also found on cultivated land and in pine woodland.

Life History
UK distribution

Found in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. (See Map)

Flowering Time

In flower during March, April and May.


The fruit is a capsule.


The flower is actinomorphic and is white in colour.