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Silene noctiflora L.

Family - Caryophyllaceae

Common Name - Night-flowered Catchfly









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Description of Genus

Annual or perennial herbs and occasion evergreen dwarf shrubs. The leaves are usually ovate or elliptic, either glabrous or hairy. The sepals are fused into a tube with 5 teeth. The number of veins on the calyx are multiples of 10. The fruit is a capsule.

Cultivated land
Whole plant of Silene noctiflora
Dennis SkinnerA flower of Silene noctiflora
Dennis Skinner
Life History
UK distribution

Found in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. (See Map)

Flowering Time

In flower during July, August and September.


The fruit is a capsule.


The flower is actinomorphic

Names in other languages and countries


Latin Synonyms

Melandrium noctiflorum