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Cerastium semidecandrum L.

Family - Caryophyllaceae

Common Name - Little Mouse-ear









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Capsule teeth 10. Petals shorter than sepals. Abundant glandular and non-glandular hairs on the leaves, stems and sepals. the flowers have 5 petals and 5 sepals.

Description of Genus

Annual, biennial and perennial herbs or shrublets. The leaves are hairy, sessile, opposite and entire. The flowers are solitary or in a cymose inflorescence. The sepal are not fused. The petals are white and are either deeply notched or indented in their ends. Occasion petals are not present.

Whole plant in flower of Cerastium semidecandrum
Quentin Groom
Bare ground
Dunes & dune slacks
Habitat Notes

Dry sandy or calcareous soils, such as in dune slacks.

Life History
UK distribution

Mainly coastal in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. In England it is also common inland, though its distribution is rather patchy. (See Map)

Flowering Time

In flower during April and May.


The fruit is a capsule.


The flower is actinomorphic and is white in colour.

Names in other languages and countries

fivestamen chickweed

Chromosome Number (2N)