Fumaria of the British Isles

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identify a plant.

Navikey is used to query DELTA files. It is designed and produced by Clenton Owensby.

Java 2 is required to run the Navikey. It is avaiable as a free download from Sun Microsystems.

Select the parameter in the upper left panel by clicking on the item and then select the appropriate response in the upper right and click on the Select button. Continue selecting parameters until you either have only one plant or a few. Choices for each character you choose will be placed in the lower left hand pane. If you wish to change a response for a given character or remove that character, highlight the character in the lower left pane and choose Remove Selection. That character will be move back into the pool of characters in the upper left pane. If you wish to start over, merely select Remove All.

The data used in this key have been taken from the following sources.

  • Rich, T.C.G. & Jermy, A.C. 1998. Plant Crib 1998. Botanical Society of the British Isles, London.
  • Stace, C. 1997. New Flora of the British Isles. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.