The Flora of North-east England

Recording Cards

Detail of a recording card

Recording the Flora of North-east England

We have created custom recording cards to help your recording in North-east England. You are not obliged to use these, particularly if you are not familiar with Latin names. However, it does helps when we computerise the data.

We welcome records from anywhere in North-east England, but your vice county recorder can direct you to proirties areas.

The Cards

You can print out the cards on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper; the coversheet on one side, and the tick-sheet on the other. The species included are optimised for each county, but it doesn't matter if you use one counties sheet in another county. Recording cards for other counties can be found on the BSBI website. To ensure the ruler is printed correctly you need to ensure you set your printer setting to no scaling.

If you don't find a species on the recording card, then it is likely that this plant is rare in the county. In that case, you should record full details on the coversheet.

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